What's Going on With this World?

Normally, I like to cover a broad range of subjects both in my blog and in my podcasts, but I find that for the past few years, but more specifically in the last year alone, politics has become extremely uncivilized on both sides of the aisle, and has resulted in nothing but absolute fucking chaos. And so I feel that politics has gone mainstream, but not in the way that would be beneficial to society as a whole. Everything has just been a shouting match, making up stories about one another, throwing out innuendos and conspiracy theories, covering stories in very biased ways, and also consists of a constant spitting match that involves both sides throwing out stories that aim to negatively attack their political opponents, and in hopes that for every 10 stories put out, the thought that just one of them 'sticking' to their opponent would be a success. It never fucking ends. And so when you mix this, with the protests, violence, police brutality & abuse of power, and of course, Covid-19, you have a recipe for disaster. I'm more than convinced that the year 2020 is nothing short of a write-off in so many aspects. There isn't a single thing thing going (except for maybe the protestors actually trying to make a change politically with respects to how African Americans are treated), that I would deem productive. There is nothing good about this virus, nothing good about the police brutality, nothing good about the violence taking place in streets all over the world, and nothing good about politics becoming a total clusterfuck.

I must say though, with bad comes good in many cases. The only good things that will come out of this are the (very hopefully) the better and equally humane treatment of blacks in this nation and around the world relative to their racial counterparts, as well as the adjustment to police training, the realization that we as a planet and as a species must be more prepared for pandemics down the road, and that many people actually tend to be more productive when working from home. When it comes to politics, I can't really think of a positive outcome there, so that's probably the only hopeless case that bares zero positive results. The more I watch what's happening around the world politically, the more I'm reminded of the Netflix show 'House of Cards'. If that show doesn't resemble what's going on now, then I don't know what does. I mean, outside of that show alone, you can't make this shit up even in a Saturday Night Live skit because it's both horrendous and hilarious at the same time! And so for the past few months, the three biggest highlights of my day have been eating, recording, and watching Trump hilariously rant and rave on live television during the Covid-19 press conferences (please note the president has stated that the ratings for his press briefings have been better than Monday Night Football & the Bachelor Finale). It's come to the point where I don't even want to leave my house in many regards simply because the news has been so scattered and so politically driven, that I can't even figure out if this virus is going away or not (it isn't). And normally I would dedicate one blog post to a certain topic, but when I see what's going on domestically and globally as I write this, I couldn't help but want to broadly cover every major topic that everyone around the world is talking about. I mean, I can't even go watch a movie! And that is one of my absolute most favourite things to do. Thank God for Uber Eats though...

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