Our World is an Attractive Illusion

I've recorded a couple of podcast episodes regarding this topic (unreleased I might add), but I've come to conclude that if I don't cover it in a forum in which allows me to be more articulate by allowing me the significance to be more elaborate whilst providing me time to focus on the details, then I wouldn't be doing it much justice. So if we take a step back and do our best to comprehend the fact that we are living at the 'top of the onion peel' so-to-speak, we'll undoubtedly realize that there is much more to this life than meets the eye ('Transformers' pun non-intended). And if we don't consider the fact that the world in which we get out of bed every morning is nothing but simply a mere thin slice to that onion (seated at the very top of this vegetable might I add), then I would inevitably argue that we have lost all grasp of what the reality that we're living in truly entails. This is a world filled with secrets and danger that many peoples imagination wouldn't begin to comprehend (and I'm not arguing that neither would I personally dare to know or understand the vastness or depth of it all). And I say this not because it isn't in peoples ability to conceive or imagine such treacherous, conspiratorial, and unrealistic events occurring, but rather because most people have lived a life of solitude and peace relative to what a select few have had to go through in order to maintain the order in which the rest of us live in; which therefore leads people to point directly to conclusions that seem unrealistic to them and label these instants as false or untrue, and then resultantly categorize those who believe in them as 'conspiracy theorists' or what-have you.

So let's break down this analogy if we can; let's assume that we are living right at the top of this metaphorical vegetable; we are inhabiting this unpeeled, freshly ripe, odour-free, layer of the onion in which all is well and no major issues tend to arise - and the 'major' issues that tend to 'rock the boat' so-to speak only do-so in a way that ultimately keeps the order of society at ease no matter how eventful or dreadful it appears to be; ultimately the boat never drowns (at least so far). However, like with much of all events in life, everything is inevitably relative. With this being said, it is also noteworthy to state that the ones existing within the layers underneath us understand that maintaining the appearance of peace and order at the very top is crucial in order for them to still operate in a very covert manner. Those who realize this understand that the people at the very top just want to go to work, go home, enjoy their families, and enjoy their extracurricular activities over the weekend, then repeat. And so it's vital for this top layer of the onion to not be unpeeled and remain as ripe as possible.

Let's also take a look at the underlying layers: as we peel away each layer, we will find more and more are events appearing to act and present themselves as that of a Tom Cruise movie; 'Top Secret: Above Classified' categorizations, structured institutions and entities in which ultimately leave no trail of existence for the betterment of those with an agenda (whether these governing individuals have a morally-driven agenda at the heart of their objective is not for me to say due to my lack of knowledge ultimately), and so on and so forth. Now, allow me to address the rebuttal that one could argue while reading this that I personally am wishing or hoping for this to be true, rather than examining reality for what it really is. And to that I say: there are far more intellectual minds than myself that are presenting theories and hypothesis' similar to that of what I am arguing here (Eric Weinstein's 'DISC Theory' would be one). The only difference between these gentlemen's arguments and mine is that they seem to be addressing the layers of the onion that tend to appear to be closer to the middle-top segment of the onion rather than examining the bottom of it; however, they are nonetheless merging the top layers with the bottom layers and are doing so in such a way that would presumably be widely accepted (and I think this is done purposefully because they understand that there are many out there that question anything beyond their means of knowledge as well as their immediate vicinity of existence). And this could be argued furthermore in much more detail, but I would much rather leave it to people significantly braver and smarter than I until I myself can develop a much greater understanding of these issues.

So ultimately, I hope I have expressed my views and opinion in that of a way that would be interpreted as attempting to be as non-bias as possible, and I hope that as time goes on, communities such as the 'intellectual dark web' and other 'woke'-minded individuals begin to expose and educate the masses on the ultimate truths and non-biases that have evidently been perceived to be ill-driven, absent, and almost non-existent within our institutions (and modern governance) in today's day and age.

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