Mental Stimulation can Lead to a Lack of Ideas

There is a concept in which has largely been occupying my thoughts as of late, and what I have found is that ultimately when ones mind is stimulated in such a sense of the word; whether it's ideologically stimulated, intellectually stimulated, or what-have you, I have found there to be a barrier (or wall) of sorts that tends to get to even the best of us. And what I mean by this is that within our lives in general, far too often is the excessive use of our minds neglected due to the simple fact that we neglect the very things in which make us human; emotion, intellect, reasoning, etc... And this very ability (or non-ability, depending how one takes such a perspective) of neglect, is what leads us to come to being 'stalled' if you will. As a matter of fact, I myself have been stalled for many days on end with respects to curating (and originating) new thoughts and ideas for this blog, and have graciously been able to bounce back in a fairly timely matter.

The question then becomes, what allows for such stimulation to come about and suddenly provide within itself a 'resurgence' of sorts? The answer (to me at least) seems to be quite simple: self-motivation, whether we are aware of it consciously or not. Self-motivation tends to (ironically) drive plenty of what many consider to be 'nonsense' and 'a waste of energy', therefore limiting the use of such efforts in others whom have such great potential and yet do not even realize it. Truthfully, it gets to the best of us. And provides such an insight into the greatest of minds; humanizing those in which appear to be above all else, and uplifting those whom have not been previously accredited and recognized for their work. In other words, a lack of ideas can very well be that of a purposeful use of 'fate-based' efforts to permit those with whom possess the greatest of minds (in their respective fields) to 'bounce back' in the most efficient and effective way possible; bringing freshness to the table. This very statement can be exemplified by that of one whom over-trains their muscles physically; eventually, after such a prolonged period of use and strain, the cause of over-stimulation of said muscles will lead to what many refer to as 'over-training'. Henceforth, what is being argued can most certainly be applied to all aspects of life irrefutably and unequivocally.

I encourage those whom experience such a trying time of ideological and stimulative mental staleness to metaphorically and literally push through the barrier in which presently stands before them. And I encourage it to be something in which one learns from rather than something that gets them down in the long run. Because God knows how many trying mental instances/events have let many great minds down from the beginning of time 'til now.

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