Life is Unfair: Deal With It

It's come to my attention lately that when I have looked at an overview of my life of roughly the last ten years, there has been something that has really begun to emerge from what seems to be the middle-class category of society, and that is, there are a vast amount of people whom have decided to bring themselves into the light and vocalize themselves as people who feel they are being forgotten, treated poorly, and are having the blame thrown on them for everything. Now to a certain extent, I believe that this argument can most certainly be made with respects to economics, business, financial freedom, and so forth (mainly due to the shrinking middle class in most developed countries). But what I also find equally as interesting is the fact that this form of extreme behaviour and vocalization from the middle class has gone from being emotional as a result of justified burdens thrown upon them - mainly because the upper class are too wealthy and powerful to allow such treacherous burdens befall onto them and the lower class are far too poor to have any kind of response to extra burdens - , to being emotional as a result of unjustified burdens that are brought onto them as a result of victimizing themselves. And so what I have begun to notice is this sort of paradoxical shift of anger and frustration leaning more towards "life is unfair, so help me and nurture be because I deserve it!", and this has been the problem that has occupied many societal discussions particularly over the last few years - at least in the West. And my argument to this is that in order for a society of any kind to be able to constantly improve itself, there have to be imperfections or else we wouldn't have any examples or ideas to build upon and be inspired from. And so, when people scream out "life is unfair!" for the simple fact that they have been pampered and babied and have lived in a bubble for most of their lives, they really tarnish the reputation of the people who fall into that same group but actually need legitimate help! And not only that, but going back to my previous point regarding improving a society and what-not, there have to be some imperfections along the line, or else what else will there be for us to draw inspiration from? And so I think this couldn't be more true than ever because what we have then seen particularly in the last two years, is that a bunch of sub-groups have formed from this and have then descended into this ideology of "everything needs to be perfect" and "life should treat me very fairly!", and consequentially, these groups have tended to adopt the ideologies of what we as a society would classify as the far-left. And I think that is a major problem that needs to be addressed before institutions begin caving to it simply because it has gained so much popularity. If things keep going this way, then I don't know what to say other than something very scary is coming and it will certainly be a sort of paradigm-shift that will impact ridiculous sums of people, and certainly not for the betterment of society.

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