Expressing Yourself is Everything

When it comes to being able to express yourself, it's vastly more significant than you might think. Now why have I written a blog entirely based on this? Because too many people in this world do not express themselves enough and therefore, this leads to numerous amounts of unhealthy consequences that will ultimately burden you for the rest of your life. Let's take for example all of the bright and incredible minds that have contributed to the world and yet left us early due to depression, anxiety, or suicide. This has all been largely due to the fact that they neglected to take care of their own personal health in one form or another. Even if they did not have any underlying mental health issues, it was ultimately their mind that decided to ignore their (largely) physical medical issues in exchange for pure stubbornness and lack of self-expression and deceitful humbleness, and in return we as a species have lost these great minds because of a lack of being able to understand when and how these people needed help. Now do not simply think that I am speaking solely of the minds we lost that would've deemed to benefit humanity in a very beneficial way; I am also speaking of the millions of people in which we as a species have lost simply because these people did not reach out, or they did not seek attention from a mental health standpoint. A lot of what has inspired me to write this particular post has been the story that was released within the last week in which a sixteen year-old girl who was supposedly quite popular on the TikTok platform (I wasn't aware of her myself), had gone and committed suicide. And you sit there when hearing this and you think 'well gosh, what could people have done to help her if they had just simply reached out to her or if she had just simply expressed herself a little bit more?'. And although neither side can be blamed, I do believe there comes a point where expressing ones self only goes so far until the mental depression hits and everything feels like it's a burden. For example, let's try and think back to the countless suicides that have been conducted where people have indeed been reaching out; they've been taken the appropriate steps by seeing a therapist or whomever, and have still ended their life. And this is why I really do believe that expression is everything because when you look at the fact that so many people of so many different ages and backgrounds have gone and had encounters with people on a social level, only to then end their lives hours later, after seeming to be okay, really does showcase the (unfortunate) power of the mind in that regard. To seem okay doesn't always mean that you are. And in some cases it may very well be possible that no amount of self-expression could alter their decision to end their own life (and this is one of the reasons as to why depression still has not been fully explained or figured out to this day although it has been linked to being affiliated with auto-immune disease), it certainly makes you think that if only that person had expressed themselves a little bit more that they may have not killed themselves.

Now this is a topic that is very complex and I am sure that psychologists better than myself could explain this and delve into this much better than I can, but I think it is vital for there to be a more simple-leaning aspect to all of this, which is that expressing oneself over prolonged periods of time could prove to be something that would serve as an antidote to all of the chaos that befalls unto us during times of internal stress and negatively-inspired mental health episodes; and so I therefore believe personally that there is absolutely zero possibility that depression and mental health sickness can be cured overnight; as a matter of fact I have found it almost impossible to ever be the case. But rather, prolonged, consistent, routine-like approaches that are oriented in a very strict and methodical process tend to be more self-serving for the individual that is going through very hard times of struggle and hopelessness.

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